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AW: ortho / para Wasser

Der Full-Text schien mir auch verfügbar zu sein...

Den neuen Einwand lasse ich insofern gelten, als mich die geforderte Grafik auch sehr interessiert hätte!

Dazu schreiben die Autoren:
"We have previously proposed that, since ortho-H2O bears a magnetic field, it has a slight preference to react with L-enantiomers due to their PVED induced magnetic component. As a result, in aqueous solutions of racemic mixtures, solvation preference of L-enantiomers may take place, which in the extreme cases may lead to chiral enhancement and further to a selective separation. In line with this hypothesis, a polypeptide of L-amino acids in water might be solvated slightly more than its mirror image poly-Damino acids, so that the latter adopts an apparently more hydrophobic nature."
"If this hypothesis is correct, then the spin isomers of H2O and their putative selective effect on chiral isomers should be greatly diminished in D2O or D2O–H2O mixtures."
"In the steady state, this mixture is constituted of 4% H2O, 32% HDO and 64% D2O and from all physical and chemical aspects resembles pure H2O."
- Was eigentlich nicht stimmen kann!

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