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AW: Klumpen in Salpetersäure

Wahrscheinlich ist Dir auch klar, dass Du Dich unter dem Stichwort Extremophile umschauen musst, wenn Du in Richtung "Leben in der Salpetersäure" und Nobelpreis weiterkommen willst..trotzdem ein Mini-Zitat aus einem Wikipedia-link über Extremophile:

Until recently only four organisms, all eukaryotes, were known to grow near pH 0:Cyanidium caldarium (see above under thermophiles), and three fungi, Acontium cylatium, Cephalosporium spp., and Trichosporon cerebriae (Schleper et al., 1995). It has been observed that Cyanidium maintains its internal milieu at close to neutral pH (Beardall & Entwisle, 1984; Brock, 1978), and the means to do that is presumably a primary adaptation to this niche. Schleper et al. (1995) have recently added two prokaryotic members to this exclusive set, Picrophilus oshimae and P. torridus, thermophilic archaeans from Japanese solfataras. It is an important physiological question to determine how this is achieved, either with a strong proton pump or a low proton membrane permeability?

At more moderate pH values there are, once again, a great profusion of protistan and fungal organisms, for instance in the rumen

Gruss, Antje
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