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AW: Journal: "Experientia" - aktueller Name?

ah ein Nomenklatur-Interessierter ;-)
wofür brauchst du den Artikel, wenn ich fragen darf?

hier ist der Abstract aus dem SciFinder:

Description of steric relationships across single bonds. Klyne, W.; Prelog, V.. Westfield Coll., London, Experientia (1960), 16 521-3. CODEN: EXPEAM ISSN: 0014-4754. Journal written in English. CAN 55:122138 AN 1961:122138 CAPLUS

A system for describing the steric relations about single bonds is given. To distinguish between enantiomeric types the angle t, i.e. the torsion angle between A and B across bond XY of four linked atoms A-X-Y-B, is pos. when measured clockwise from the front substituent A to the rear substituent B and neg. when measured counterclockwise. The partial conformation of 2 bonded atoms is defined in terms of the torsion angle between the preferred substituents, chosen as in sequence rules by Cahn, Ingold, and Prelog, but in addn., if all substituents on one of the atoms are identical, the smallest possible torsion angle is chosen and on a tetrahedral atom having 2 like substituents, the unique substituent dets. the conformational designation. To describe conformations approx., the terms periplanar and clinal are used to indicate approx. planar and inclined; the terms syn and anti are used to indicate t < 90° and t > 90°. Examples are given.

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