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AW: IChO 2004


I'm not participating but I will be an assistant at the IChO.
I read about the cultural shock in the PP's...And I wouldn't say that everything there is true for me :-p:

- " They get up early – and go to bed early." - I get up late and go to bed late...Of course this is different when you have to get up early to go to it will be in the IChO, of course..

- " Germans absolutely love mineral water." - I don't.

- " They would never visit other people’s home without an invitation." - Really? Mhm...i should think of that next time when i decide to visit some of my friends spontaneously, though they have never complained yet. Maybe old People would...

- " Few people use credit cards for shopping." - I use almost always a card...(Debitcard, since I don't have a credit card)

- " Weekends are totally dead." - Hahahaha...nope. They are olny dead for people who stay at home ...There is always a posibility to have a party

- " German families go for long walks on Sundays." - Hm...

- " Germans don’t waste time on polite phrases – they say what they mean." - Hm, I think Germans can be hypocrites the same way as other people can be too...

I think that is written in a funny way. Not everything is 100% true.
But there will be in the IChO of course some rules everybody will have to stick to (concearning sleeping, eating, party and so on)...but I don't think that that should be a problem for you...rules are nessesary if you don't want a chaos :-p

Another question, where do you come from, ximik?
Viele Grüße,
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