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H. Nau, P. Steinberg, M. Kietzmann
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Catalytic Membranes and Membrane Reactors


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Autor: J.G. Sanchez Marcano, T.T. Tsotsis
Auflage: 2002
Form: 251 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN-10: 3527302778
ISBN-13: 978352730277-2
Verlag: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA
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Membrane reactors are an inherently multidisciplinary concept combining chemical reaction engineering, Separation technology, materials science, and mathematical modelling aspects. They couple chemical reactions with membrane Separation and provide a more compact and less capital intensive System design. Often also im-proved performance in terms of enhanced selectivity or yield results from their use.
This authoritative work encompasses a broad treatment of the field, including the basic principles of membrane reactors, a com-parative study of these and other, classical reactors, modelling, industrial applications, emerging applications, etc.
This is the first point of reference when it comes to applying the membrane reactor concept to research or to production: Novices can grasp the elementary concepts, and Professionals can familiarize themselves with the most recent developments in the area. For the industrial practitioner the book covers all important current and potential future applications.