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W.J. Moore, D.O. Hummel, G. Trafara, K. Holland-Moritz
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Basic Organic Stereochemistry


Basic Organic Stereochemistry Einkaufswagen

Autor: E.L. Eliel, S.H. Wilen, M.P. Doyle
Auflage: 2001
Form: 704 Seiten, Taschenbuch
ISBN-10: 0471374997
ISBN-13: 978047137499-2
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Preis (EUR): 94.50
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A Practical Introduction to Stereochemistry

Stereoisomers are compounds with the same chemical formula and connectivity but with different arrangements of their atoms in 3- dimensional space. Stereochemistry encompasses the study of stereoisomers and their properties. Despite having an identical chemical formula, stereoisomers can have drastically different biological, medicinal, and chemical properties. Basic Organic Stereochemistry explains in clear, concise terms the concepts and properties of stereoisomers.

Ideal both as a text for advanced undergraduate or graduate students and as a handy guide for researchers in industry, this superb text covers:

* Polarimetry and optical rotation

* Internal coordinates, configuration, and conformation

* Nature of stereoisomers

* Barriers between stereoisomers and residual stereoisomers

* Symmetry operators and symmetry point groups

* Properties of stereoisomers and stereoisomer discrimination

* Separation of stereoisomers, resolution, and racemization

Suitable for students in organic and biological chemistry, Basic Organic Stereochemistry is unparalleled as a convenient text.